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From the Alps to the Pyrenees and hand in hand

Frédéric Mistral, 1875, Nobel Prize in literature

Who are we ?

Thanks to its customers, Société Pyrénéenne de Métallurgie is proud to deploy its expertise throughout the world while keeping its Pyrenean foot.

Our history

For more than 60 years, SPM has relied on its origins and values ​​to constantly renew itself, and thus, always meet the needs of a constantly changing environment.

His men and women, all associated with listening and respecting customers, are the main assets of SPM. In an increasingly fluctuating context, this fundamental base, supported by prudent management principles, ensures the sustainability of the business and guarantees the stability of the SPM commitment to each of its clients.

At SPM, our teams are your partners and combine their expertise, their listening and their ethical sense on a daily basis to better serve your satisfaction. We collaborate in a logic of collective success and long-term performance. Our status SCOP (Cooperative and Participative Company) and our products entirely "Made in France" are also our pride and the pledge of our investment for the success of your projects.

Chief Executive Officier

Our values

A team providing expertise and solutions

SPM has strong experience in the field of metallurgy to design and manufacture high-performance and certified industrial equipment. What makes us stand out from the crowd is the complete in-sourcing of the production cycle and our expertise in mastering all the specialties involved in their manufacture.

This organization allows us to provide comprehensive and customized solutions, while ensuring high responsiveness both in France and worldwide. SPM is at your side at all times, committed to quality and continuous improvement.

60 years
Active clients
Export share
30 %
Workshop surface
3000 m2
Training budget
7 % of payroll

Our certifications

SPM puts the satisfaction of its customers at the center of its concerns in compliance with all applicable requirements.

Boosting our quality culture is an ambition widely cultivated by our teams and all our certifications bear witness to this commitment. Our certifications of systems, products, know-how and approvals or customer qualifications are the fruit of long years of work and perseverance.

System and product certifications

VAM® is a registered trademark of Vallourec Oil and Gas France.

Professional certifications

  • Dye-penetrant inspection, Cofrend Level 2
  • Magnetic particle inspection, Cofrend Level 2
  • PCR Level 2
  • IWT

Customers approvals or qualifications

  • EDF

Sustained partnerships

carte des partenaires SPM

A partnership is built in time. For more than 60 years :

  • we have been energized by your requirements,
  • you accompanied us by calling on our know-how and the reactivity of a team on a human scale.

Our regular adaptation to meet all your needs is a fundamental principle rooted in our roots.

We will continue to work hard to better serve you.

Some customers references

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