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Surface Treatment
and heat treatment

SPM has chosen to propose and master this wide range of processes in-house to ensure a greater responsiveness and make a complete offer to its customers.

SPM uses, in particular, special surface treatment processes for pickling passivation of stainless steels, phosphating and annealing heat treatment of unalloyed or low alloy steels.

We also perform all the degreasing and corrosion protection operations on carbon steels.

Image produit Pickling / passivation of stainless steels

Pickling / passivation of stainless steels

Integrated chain for austenitic stainless steel pickling and passivation.

The main property of stainless steels is their resistance to corrosion;this property is obtained by applying a chromium oxide film.

Means available:

• Four 900 x 900 x 900 mm baths
• A dedicated storage room to keep products clean

Manganese phosphating

Integrated manganese phosphating chain for non-alloy and low alloy steel parts.

This treatment is used more particularly to improve:

• Sliding properties and limit the risk of seizing
• The adhesion of additional surface treatments

Means available:

• Two 1,000 x 1,000 x 650 mm bath

Image produit Manganese phosphating
Image produit Heat treatment

Heat treatment

Integrated furnace for annealing non-alloy and low alloy steels in neutral atmospheres.


• 1,200 mm diameter
• 1,200 mm height
• 500 kg load capacity
• Maximum heat treatment temperature of 950°C